If you’ve not heard of the term Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) before, it refers to technology that enables users to make telephone calls over broadband internet rather than the traditional analogue phone system. VoIP converts sound waves into digital voice communication before sending it through the broadband. In a nutshell, it’s using the internet to make calls. Why would you want this for your business? Well, there are many benefits and here are some of them:

Money Saving

Who doesn’t want to save money? Using a VoIP system is a lot cheaper than the cost of a conventional phone line. For businesses that make many international calls, these work out much cheaper as well when using VoIP. For wholesale azvoip termination, contact IDT Express.

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There is no need to replace an existing conventional telephone set-up with VoIP, as you can still operate it with a VoIP converter or adapter. The adaptor looks a lot like a normal USB that can easily be plugged into your computer. The adaptor contains a sensor that converts the signals coming from traditional phones, converting them into digital data that is then routed through the internet. You will also have a unique VoIP number which can be used all over the world, as long as you have access to a high-speed internet connection. You never have to worry about missing calls to your number, no matter where you are.


As mentioned above, because it can be plugged in anywhere, a VoIP system is truly portable. Any broadband connection can be used. You simply log in to your VoIP telephone and you will get a dial tone ready and waiting. No matter where you are in the world or what time of day, you can always be contactable and make low cost calls to clients and staff with ease.


It’s not just phone calls either, as you can carry out video conferencing whilst using your VoIP phone system. You never have to drop off the radar and can always be available for those important meetings with colleagues and customers alike. No longer do you need to be physically present to attend a meeting. You can also discuss agendas, files, documents and deals when you are travelling to ensure not a minute is wasted in the fast-paced world of business affairs.

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Low maintenance

VoIP phones are easy to install, and this can be done by anyone, you don’t need telecommunications experts. There are no wires to run through your building and this phone system can be up and running within minutes. Hosted software also makes life easier as it’s cheap and simple to add new users and amend or update the system’s configuration.

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