Food is no exception to lifestyle trends, and top chefs and restaurants need to stay up to date and ahead of the game if they want to attract the type of customer who cares about what they eat, how it is served and the quality of the ingredients.

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World Influences

The focus on healthy eating, well-being and locally sourced produce has seen a rise in popularity over recent years along with in-house condiments, ethic spices and fermented products. Foods originating from the Middle East, the Caribbean, Asia and North Africa have all also seen a rise in popularity, and chef-driven menus are at the heart of restaurants offering a variety of sophisticated dishes.

Chefs are also focussing on lighter desserts inspired by cultures from around the world and looking to include only natural ingredients such as cacao to meet the demand from educated and well-informed diners. For example, savoury dishes are including turmeric, known for its anti-oxidant benefits, and there is a greater use of fungi, algae and seaweed, which are also known for their anti-oxidant, anti-viral and probiotic properties.

Vegetable Dishes

High-profile chefs are seeing an increase in the popularity of vegetable-based dishes and especially those which are locally grown and produced. Vegan options and vegetarian options are also becoming more and more appealing to all diners, including meat eaters who are wanting to cut down on their meat consumption.

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Diners are wanting their food and drinks to be exciting and unique, and tasting menus and innovative cocktails are being created to meet this demand. Ensuring the ingredients are fresh and available is essential for restaurants, and having a Saladette Counter from companies such as means guests can see for themselves the freshness of the food before placing their order.

Social Media

Social media, and especially Instagram, means food is being photographed more than ever before, so the more creative and aesthetically appealing a dish is, the more popular it will become. This is discussed in this recent article by The Guardian.

Customers who enjoy eating out are also wanting an experience, and pop-up dining, intimate dining for private groups and food being prepared at the table are just some of the ways restaurants are encouraging diners and keeping up with the latest eating-out trends.

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