Building the True Value of Sports

Building the True Value bookIAYS created this new resource to better educate and allow community leaders and professionals to recognize the true power that sports can play in children’s lives, if given the opportunity. As one may understand, there is a growing interest in sport and development with a countless number of organizations today trying to make a greater impact in under-privileged communities around the world. IAYS believes that a critical component in truly making a difference in the lives of our children is to help educate individuals at the highest level that sports have the capability to make a profound impact on a child’s development and without providing a quality youth sports experience a community may not be giving their children maximum opportunity to grow and succeed to their fullest potential. This is a great resource for all those interested in working or collaborating with IAYS or if one is merely interested in enhancing youth sports programs for children worldwide. If one would like to read Building the True Value of Sports, please contact IAYS for more information on how to obtain a copy.